Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Size does matter: JCPAA report into the efficiency dividend

You may be interested to read the report of the Committee at

Cultural agencies are addressed in chapter 3.

The recommendations include:

Recommendation 3

The Department of Finance and Deregulation, the Australian Public Service Commissioner and each cultural agency jointly develop a new funding model for cultural agencies. This model should recognise the importance of funding the mandate for growth and development of collections and the proportion of their expenses apportioned to depreciation. The Committee notes that recommendation 8 will also apply to these agencies.
Recommendation 7

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet convene a taskforce with membership from key agencies, including the Australian Public Service Commission, to conduct and publish further analysis on:

􀂄 the relationship between gender wage disparities and agency size and function;
􀂄 the relationship between wage disparities generally and agency size and function; and
􀂄 whether staff classifications continue to represent equivalent levels of skills, responsibility and experience across agencies.
If collecting further data or enhancing databases is required, the agencies involved should receive supplementary funding.
Recommendation 8

The Government either:

􀂄 exempt the first $50 million of all agencies’ appropriations from the efficiency dividend, excluding departments of state (the preferred option); or
􀂄 exempt the first $50 million of the appropriations of all agencies that have departmental expenses of less than $150 million, excluding departments of state.
These benchmarks to be indexed over time.

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