Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The employment market

Attended an interesting session last week entitled "When the election is a forgotten memory...what will be happening in the employment market?". Thanks to Zenith Management Services for the invitation.

Some comments from the presentations and conversations:

• 54% of CIOs do not believe there are enough skills IT staff in the current marketplace, there are skills shortages overall and an increasing emphasis on candidates having a wide range of skills (Phil Holey-Interlogic)

• changing patterns of employment of engineers are counter cyclical to the economy, Engineers Australia have assessed a significant gap between engineers retiring and those qualifying and coming into the Industry (Andrew Marshall-PCA People)

• Canberra employment patterns are strong, with 70% of employment is in the private sector (Lindsey Morgan-People Intelligence)

• Library and information sector demand remains strong with an emphasis on skills in using technology (John Cooksey General Manager, Recruitment, Zenith Management Services).

Will be interesting to see any changing patterns in the coming year.

Friday, September 3, 2010