Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Librarians - they are out there are making a big difference!

I was very very fortunate to attend the New Librarians Symposium in Melbourne earlier this month. It was truly inspiring with Tania Barry and her team bringing together a magnificent set of presenters and an even more impressive group of attendees.

It was very impressive to see around 250 new librarians (mostly with 5 or less years experience in the profession). They were energetic, focused on creating even better library services, enthusiastic up-takers of technology and had a great spirit of working together.

Tania Barry the convenor did a wonderful job with a terrific team – some of whom are pictured below. Elaina Norlin (at the front of the picture) from the US gave a wonderful presentation of how a new librarian can do anything – including writing a book on usability of web sites and travel the world speaking at library events.

Papers should be available shortly at http://conferences.alia.org.au/newlibrarian2008/

Great photos can be seen online at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/504662@N20/pool

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