Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Canberra Library Tribe

Canberra Library Tribe. Interested in joining a Library Soiree to hear about the delights of working in public, special and government libraries in the ACT region and mingle?  The Canberra Library Tribe has organised a “Go on a date with 10 librarians in one night” event – see  and  Congratulations to this new group on their activities!

ALIA ACT midwinter dinner and awards

The dinner was held on 4 July 2013 and was an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of a number of individuals.

ACT'S FAVOURITE LIBRARIAN: Catherine Jordan.  Catherine is Librarian at the Australian National Botanic Gardens – she was nominated over ten times, with all of her nominators discussing her extensive knowledge of her specialist library collection and the amazing service she provides for everyone who enters her library. We were delighted to congratulate her for winning this award.

ALIA OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION: GAIK KHONG. Gaik has made a tremendous contribution organizing many ACT ALIA events and as a member of the ALIA Special Libraries Advisory Committee. She is passionate about librarians and enthusiastically shares her knowledge with her colleagues.  She has made a sustained contribution to activities of ALIA in the ACT and inspired her colleagues and fellow ALIA members.

SILVER PIN: Karna O’Dea’s service to ALIA was recognised with a silver pin. She has served for five terms on ALIA committees, been a key organiser of many events and contributed her enthusiasm for the profession and her colleagues to the wider community as well as to ALIA members. She was a fabulous contributor to the value of libraries symposium last year.

Thanks to Vanessa Little, ACT Library Director and immediate past president of ALIA, for giving out the awards and the Sherrey and Gaik for organising the dinner.