Thursday, May 29, 2008

National Library treasures to be on ABC TV


10 episodes of a wonderful new series by Film Australia in association with Early Works and the ABC:

Former director of the National Gallery of Australia, Betty Churcher, presents an insider’s guide to some of the library’s art treasures, which are rarely on public display. From her unique vantage point, Churcher makes intriguing historical connections between paintings and engravings, photography, manuscripts and artefacts, illustrated journals and diaries. This series of short documentaries tells the story of Omai, the first South Sea Islander to visit London; investigates the mystery surrounding the death of Captain James Cook in Hawaii; reveals the exquisite paintings of 18-year-old colonial painter George Raper and Victorian flower hunter Ellis Rowan; and speaks with artist John Olsen about his struggle to paint the biggest commission of his career, the Sydney Opera House mural. These are fascinating tales about the creative process and the works themselves that offer a tantalising insight into Australia’s culture and heritage.


It is a brilliant series! And a wonderful raising of the profile of libraries for potential students and recruits!

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