Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Librarians on ABC

Dear Colleagues
Well, we have now seen the first episode of "The Librarians" on ABC tv. I joined around 50 at the National Library of Australia to share the experience - to laugh (we did a lot of this), sigh (hardly any of this) and network to celebrate the new series. Thanks very much to Sue Hutley, Executive Director, ALIA for organising the event and putting on cheese and crackers, tea and coffee for us all.
Some of us came in pearls, cardigans and sensible shoes, others more relaxed. (I had thought about coming in slippers and a dressing gown, but the pearls and cardigan seemed more appropriate). Mark Scott, Managing Director of the ABC snuck in and enjoyed watching our reaction to the program.
Thanks Anna-maria for the photograph - and we'll all watch the next episodes from our homes in future with a cup of coca, or something stronger!
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The Shopping Sherpa said...

My pleasure.

By the way you seem to have a Librarian growing from your shoulder... ;-)

The Shopping Sherpa said...
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The Shopping Sherpa said...

And you might like to check your time settings because according to my clock it's 12:31 am not 6:31 am...